Misty Woodland

Confessions of a 28 year-old Apprentice of Jesus

In 2021


About The Blog

In a world full of news feeds and timelines where we're not really sure what is real or for show, I wanted a space to share my thoughts and feelings on issues that are on my mind. Most of this will be related to my faith but I expect there will be some general stuff here too!

I'm 28, from Plymouth UK and work as a Project Manager in the NHS, I'm an average guy with an incredible truth that I am in the Love of Jesus Christ, which gives me strength, joy, peace and most of all, Love.

My wife is Natasha, we got married in September 2018 and live in Plymouth with our cat Rocket.

Thanks for stopping, hopefully you get something from my very human thoughts! Maybe we can understand this Christianity thing a little better, and ultimately, be a better Human being by following the example of Jesus.


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